Me screaming something related with beer.


Me being a poser.


Lili´s booty in Primal album

Here the Beer is a one guy musical project, the style falls into the metal, punk oriented and rock and roll all nite music, that's the good thing of being a just one person band, you can do whatever you want without having the need of making anyone happy. 

I call this project Here The Beer because the name sounds supercool and I like to drink beer a lot. My real name is Andrés and I use to call myself as Galizian Berzerker Gómez in facebook, this is because I from Spain and perticuallary from the region of Galicia. Currently I live in Germany and before I was in Brazil, I use to move from country to country due to personal matters.

My first album called Primal was recorded entirely in the Portuguese language as it was recorded during my five years stance in Brazil. In this country I met my beloved wife and Musa "Lili", she protagonists the cover of the Primal album, yes, she has actually a beautiful Brazilian booty.

The album pretends to contribute to the Brazilian culture while showing up my artistic ideas. Music, Lyrics and all the stuff from Primal can be found in the OLD SKULL link down the page.

Right now I am expanding the Here the Beer's Rock History with THE 2020 SLAUGHTER. This consists on several chapters each one with one song and small histories/videos/photos that complements each other. You can access to the different chapters in the links below.

I would like to tell you that all the stuff that you will find here is 100% self-made in a small home studio. I sing my own vocals and play my guitars and bass, a software for drums and then record everything into a computer, simple and FULL STACK fella. For videos and photos I use cellphones and eventually cheap semi-pro cameras. Nothing fancy basically. Fast and to the point. For the future I wish to get some musicians and friends to put Here The Beer in the stage and KICK SOME ASSES while inducting people to make circle pits and drink beer.