Chapter 1: The Spicy Life

The visit to Bahia state in Brazil, was somehow magic. A lot of axe to grind, a lot of land to invade and a lot of Spicy Sauce to drink... together with beer of course. There was one of the Red Hot Peppers that I ingest while I was conquering  the closest corner´s bar that blow away my mind, and my mouth also. After that I wrote this song with an axe in the skin of a pig.

Here the Lyrics:

The genital torture is competent

About the gas chamber little to say

Very very funny the sicilian bull

Scotish thumbscrew I just love it

Crucification Strangulation Satisfaction

I can not choose all of them are cool

But I have to choose I choose the spacy life

Red hot Bahia pepper right into  your eyes

Is pepper up your eyes

Fill your mouth with Habaneros

The hammer the knife the screw the death

Lets have fun with the bonfire

Iron maiden lady of killers

But i have to choose i choose the spicy life

Red hot Bahia peppers right into your eyes

Is pepper up your eyes...


Bahia Lies There

Map of Brazil.