Here the Beer is a solo project carried out by the Musician Promoter Galician Berezerker Gómez (real name Andrés Gómez Ruiz). The music style falls into the punk, metal oriented and rock and roll all nite music. The first album called Primal was recorded entirely in the Portuguese language as the Berzerker composed it during his four years stance in Brazil. In this country, the Berzerker met his beloved wife and Musa (She protagonizes the covers of the Primal album), and together they had their first daughter. The album pretends to contribute to the Brazilian culture while showing up the Berzerker’s artistic ideas, listen to it in the OLD SKULL link bellow. Right now, Here the Beer is creatring a song by song history called the 2020 Slaughter. This consists in several chapters each composed by one song and small histories/videos/photos that complements each other. See the full story in the links above

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